Monday, October 6, 2008

Samples of chess poems and songs

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Chess Board Puzzle by Emil Pulido, BelmopanThe following poems are written by Nathan Goldberg, NY

Below you can find the lyrics for the chess songs that you can either have kids recite, or sing with their own melody. You can also have them draw pictures of the pieces to illustrate it.  Those songs are written by Robert Peake. If you are interested in having the actual songs, please go to his website


Robert Peake said...

Thanks for compiling these. My short collection "In Pieces", containing all poems about chess, is available for instant download. If teachers are interested in using it for educational purposes, I'd be happy to waive the nominal fee. See:

Unknown said...

I am late arrival to your splendid chess vsion.
I live in Whittier, California.
I teach chess at the Senior Center and have begun to teach young children (Kindergarten through 7th grade). I simply want to share both knowledge and enthusiasm.

Since I retired and have limited resouces, I seek your permission to use some of your delightful poems. Especially enjoy "Stop, Look, and Listen" and "My Opening". It's cadence and rhyme may strike a clear note to my students.

God bless,

David Barraza

Kimberly Campbell said...

I have been tasked with teaching high school students chess as an enrichment activity. I would love a copy of the poem Chess Board to use as an opener for them to get familiar with the board.